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Rye Phoenix

Damaged 10 Sticker Grab Bag

5 USD / Out of stock.
Sometimes printing messes up, or cutting goes awry and I'm left with a small pile of stickers that aren't suited for full price sale.
Rather than tossing them, I've arranged them into sets of 10 stickers, each unique (so no duplicates in a set) and selling them for $0.50 a sticker!
Examples of "damages" are shown, whether it be ink smears, white spots, or cutting errors.

This is a good option for those who don't want to pay full price and don't mind small defects.
These are grab bags though, so you get 10 different mystery stickers.
Each set DOES include for sure 1 'Weeaboo Trash' sticker, and 1 'Bokuto' sticker.

They are all weatherproof and range in size.